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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Robert Velasco & his dog Fred

Tucson, Arizona,, United States
"Welcome to my blogs. Within these pages are the elements of my life that I love and want to share with you. As a retired person I now have time to pursue my lifelong interest in Photography, Music and Writing. I hope that you enjoy your visit here and I am looking forward to your comments and observations."
I have to confess that I lifted the above passage directly from Robert's blogspot. So mea culpa Robert. If anyone is perusing this blog, you have got to go directly from here to Robert's blog and check it out. It is rich with, well, I hardly know where to start.

Let me start by saying that Robert is a Robles on his mother Sarah's side. Sarah was the daughter of Rita Robles, who was the daugter of Plutarco Robles. His father is Paul Velasco.
He was born and raised in that wonderful little town of Pirtleville, Arizona.

Robert has written of his antics and those of his fellow vatos in a book of 31 short chapters on his blog entitled: Meet Me at the All Star Club: A Story about How Los Vatitos Ravaged and Pillaged the Little Village of Pirtleville Arizona. Great reminiscing on his part of a rich time from his childhood memory of a cast of characters, both family and friends, that left this reader wanting to read more and more of their follies and hear the stories they had to tell.

To visit Pirtleville is to fall in love with Pirtleville if you are a member of this family and have an ounce of imagination. No, it's no metropolis. No, it's not an artsy place like Bisbee (and I love Bisbee, also). It's just a place on this planet where our family ghosts roam. You'll see them come to life in Robert's blog.

Not to be remiss, I need to mention that Robert is a highly accomplished photographer who has posted lots of gorgeous photos for us to feast our eyes upon. Enjoy his blog

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