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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It gives me great gratification to have figured out a way to present the flipbook to everyone on line. An idea that I have been pondering the hows of since I developed the first one in July 2008. Came by the solution idea, as usual, by observing. Was perusing one of my favorite blogs, Shades of the Departed and was blown away by the on line magazine she has developed. Thought it was brilliant. Well, that got me curious to figure out a way to be able to do the same with our flipbook. Long story short, I backtracked her source,
and started reading. This was around midnight when I got started. If you guys just knew me a little better, you would know that there is no one LESS tech saavy then me. It all has to do with desire and pure tenaciousness to get something accomplished when it comes to the computer for me. Just ask the men I worked with at Burton's for years if I ever did anything more than just turn a computer 'on' or 'off'. Steve, Alex, Bruce, Jason would give you an emphatic, "No".

It probably took a few hours for me to change the format in Office Publisher from landscape to portrait view to be able to download the file to Issuu. And voila! After a few corrections and redownloads (is that a word?) here it is for all to see.

That's the pro of it; anyone can see it. The con is, the hard copy of the flipbook contains more photos and stories and as Vivian remarked, something to hold in your hands to refer to when you don't happen to have a computer in your lap. I can print a hard copy for you if you would like one.

And as of this moment, my plans are to update the online version only once a year. Probably after the family reunion in July when I gather more family photos and information.

Now I'm thinking that since I have started this easily accessible blog and have this magazine making ability that I may use this format to put our photos into albums because the presentation of the photos will be optimum. Just hope the idea to do this doesn't come to me at midnight.

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