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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Favorite Friday Foto-Oscar's Pottery

Beat up and weathered, Oscar Juan Buttner is holding pottery made by the hands of his father, Oscar Robles Buttner probably 40-50 years ago. Miracle that it's survived. Was amazing for me to see this piece because my imagination goes into high gear and I can only imagine Oscar, Sr, who I have always thought resembles Clark Gable, sitting at a pottery wheel molding a lump of clay into this pot, then painting his design on it, then glazing it, then baking it in a kiln and finally admiring his creation. Oscar worked in the smelters in Douglas and Morenci, but in his heart of hearts he was a renaissance man. He learned the art of cooking, embraced his love of art and learned to paint, taught himself to play the guitar and on and on. In the end he bought himself and his wife motorcycles, grew his hair long and wore leather vests. Totally original, cool guy in my book. He fascinates me.

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  1. Hi!
    I'm just dropping by for the first time and aren't you lucky to have such great historical photos.
    My eye was caught by the banner with the great group photo, but I also like the idea in this photo of Oscar holding his father's pottery. My husband's father was an artist (ceramicist primarily) and I never thought of taking a photo of my husband holding his father's artwork. What a great thing it would be for his descendants.
    A Canadian Family
    (Festival of Postcards)